EIC offers access to Edinburgh Napier University Bainfield accommodation at Fountainbridge. Bainfield accommodation is only 10 minute walk to city centre, a short bus journey away to university campuses. Host family accommodation are also available for EIC student . For more information about accommodation options, contact the EIC accommodation team at

Cost-of-living guide

The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires students to be able to demonstrate minimum subsistence funds of £1,015 per month to cover their living expenses. For further details, contact the EIC admission at

You will need enough money to cover course fees and living expenses (also called maintenance funds). Your monthly living costs may vary depending on where you decide to study. If you haven't studied in the UK before or recently, the information below will help you plan for your studies at EIC.

Length of course Where you will study Money needed
Nine months or less EIC Full course fees and £1,015 for each calendar month of the course
More than nine months EIC Full course fees and £9,135 to cover living costs for nine months

For more information, visit and follow the 'Studying in the UK' link.

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